Sound upgrade / capacitor refresh kit for Beogram 3500 4500 6500 7000 RIAA module


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Refresh/sound upgrade kit for the RIAA preamplifier module in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beogram 3500
Beogram 4500
Beogram 6500
Beogram 7000

This kit contains factory fresh high quality components to replace, refresh and upgrade the sound reproduction of the preamplifier module.

The original capacitors are now well past their best time, and they have started to fail at a high rate.
With this kit fresh high quality capacitors will replace the original general purpose electrolytic capacitors in each their selected positions.
Replacing the old capacitors with new will bring the module back to original specs, and fitting high quality foil caps in the signal path instead of the original general purpose types will improve the sound reproduction.

Component location chart can be downloaded in pdf-format using link(s) provided in the order confirmation email.

Basic electronic knowledge, tools and skills (soldering) is required to replace the components in the kit.

A small amount of solder is required. Go here to find it.


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