Belt for carriage servo motor Beogram 3000 3300 5500 4500 9500 etc.


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Correct triangular / wedge-shaped belt for the tracking servo motor in the following Bang & Olufsen Beogram tangential record decks:

Beogram 3000 (tangential version only)
Beogram 3300
Beogram 3500
Beogram 4500
Beogram 5005
Beogram 5500
Beogram 6500
Beogram 7000
Beogram 8500
Beogram 9000
Beogram 9500
Beogram TX2

The original belt is wedge-shaped (triangular cross-section) for the simple reason that it requires less torque to run around the small diameter pulley on the servo motor than a similar square or round belt.
Easy running is essential in allowing the tonearm carriage a nice and smooth travel and avoid any jerking motions during playback.

A belts elasticity and friction is always very important, but even more so is the choosing of rubber material with the correct density for this belt;
It must not be to loose, – or the belt will simply come off when running fast.
And it must not be to dense, – or vibrations from the carriage servo motor will be transferred to the floating subchassis, to the platter, to the record, the needle and your speakers.
If you fit a square belt or a round belt (anything but the real soft wedge-shaped thing) you will experience that each time the tracking motor runs it will be audible as a faint rumble in the background of the music. Needless to say this is quite annoying, – not only
during silent passages in the music, but particularly between tracks, where there is no music and the tracking motor is very active.
The real belt – and of course this reproduction – was produced with this in mind.

This belt is exactly like the original; Correct shape, correct size, correct friction, correct elasticity, correct density.
This belt is a direct and correct replacement for original Bang & Olufsen part# 2732063.
This is the real thing.

Note: This belt is not like most other belts. In order to function as intended and achieve correct properties regarding friction parameters, to prevent the transferring of vibrations etc., it was custom produced to unique specifications.
As a result, it has a very limited elasticity.
Please avoid excess stretching of this belt when fitting it. Don’t pull it like you would an elastic band.


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