Grease for carriage metal rails etc.



Long-term grease for use on the carriage metal rails in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beogram 3000 Type 59xx only
Beogram 3300
Beogram 3500
Beogram 4500
Beogram 5005
Beogram 5500
Beogram 6500
Beogram 7000
Beogram 8500
Beogram 9000
Beogram 9500
Beogram TX2

This grease is special as it does not evaporate and dry out fast.
It is NOT recommended to use anything else, silicone grease or lithium grease etc.

The grease ensures a smooth travel of the tonearm carriage on the rails and prevents noise and vibrations.
This grease is also used for lubricating certain parts of the mechanism and also for certain tasks in other models (please refer to the respective service manuals).

Container with 3g. More than enough for one Beogram.

This grease is a replacement for the original type part# 3984030 (Barrierta L55/2).


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