LDR Tracking photo sensor for Beogram 3000 3300 3500 4500 5500 6500 7000 9500 etc.



New tracking opto sensor (LDR resistor) for use in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beogram 3000 Type 59xx only
Beogram 3300
Beogram 3500
Beogram 4500
Beogram 5005
Beogram 5500
Beogram 6500
Beogram 7000
Beogram 8500
Beogram 9000
Beogram 9500
Beogram TX2

The original sensor has a tendency to degrade and the Beogram will no longer track.
Symptoms of a bad sensor are that the tonearm moves along with the record groove, but the carriage doesn’t follow.
The Beogram will play fine as the tonearm comes nearer and nearer to the tracking arm but when it cannot get any closer it begins to skip and jump tracks, – that’s typically after only a few minutes of playing.

This is a direct replacement for original Bang & Olufsen part# 5210009

Note: The above mentioned symptoms could also be caused by a bad lamp operating together with the sensor.
(The lamp is found in the webshop as part# EP-002).


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