Rubber bumpers for Beogram dustcover lid a.o.



Set of two rubber feet (or “bumpers”) for the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beogram 1100
Beogram 1102
Beogram 1500 (Type 57xx)
Beogram 1600
Beogram 1602
Beogram 1700
Beogram 1800 (Type 58xx)
Beogram 1900
Beogram 1902
Beogram 2000 (Type 58xx)
Beogram 2200
Beogram 2202
Beogram 2400
Beogram 2402
Beogram 2404
Beogram 3000 (Type 59xx)
Beogram 3300
Beogram 3400
Beogram 3404
Beogram 3500
Beogram 4000 (for models with holes for bumpers)
Beogram 4002 (for models with holes for bumpers)
Beogram 4004 (for models with holes for bumpers)
Beogram 4500
Beogram 5000
Beogram 5005
Beogram 5500
Beogram 6000 (Type 55xx) (for models with holes for bumpers)
Beogram 6000 (Type 57xx)
Beogram 6002
Beogram 6500
Beogram 7000
Beogram 8000
Beogram 8002
Beogram 8500
Beogram 9000
Beogram 9500
Beogram CD3500 (Door landing)
Beogram CD4500 (Door landing)
Beogram RX
Beogram RX2
Beogram TX
Beogram TX2
Beocenter 1800
Beocenter 3500 (fits to cabinet)
Beocord 3500 (Door landing)
Beocord 4500 (Door landing)

The original parts are known to become brittle, break and wear off.
These are direct replacements for original B&O part# 3010007

Set of 2 pcs.

Note: In turntable lids the crumbly remains of the original bumpers are easily removed using a 2-2,5mm drill bit rotated between your fingers to carefully dig it out. The new feet are then fitted by simply pressing them in using a suitable small tool.


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