FM presets cover Beomaster 3000 4000 4400



This is the clear window covering the fingerwheel presets for the FM tuning on the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beomaster 3000
Beomaster 3000-2
Beomaster 4000
Beomaster 4400
Beomaster 4401

Beocenter 3500

Being an important aesthetic part, the lovely design pieces that these stereo receivers are simply wouldn’t look right without it.
Problem is that this part is almost always missing and even in the rare cases where the original window is still present it will most likely have discolored, bleached or yellowed from sunlight and/or nicotine and it has most likely deformed to some extent and turned so brittle that it will break or shatter if dropped on the floor or not handled with the utmost care.
The part was long out of production and has been unavailable for ages.

For sale here is an improved reproduction part;
The new part is UV-safe, which means that it won’t discolor, fog or become brittle even if exposed to years of sunlight.
The new part is made of a much stronger material and is practically unbreakable.
The photo is of the new part.

This part is a direct replacement for original B&O part number 3164052


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