Tachodisc Beogram 6006 8000 8002


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Beogram 6006 8000 8002 Tachodisc

The Bang & Olufsen tangential turntables Beogram 6006, 8000 and 8002 are superb machines, but some of them were initially produced with a
photographic type of platter speed encoding disc which deteriorates and disintegrates over time resulting in speed deviations and unstable platter rotation with audible wow.
The encoder disc (tachodisc) is read optically and a typical symptom of a tachodisc losing its printed pattern is (apart from wow from the huge speed deviations in the reproduced sound) a quite noticable hum from the motor for every revolution of the platter as the electronics struggle to correct what seems to be an ever changing platter speed.
The display can flash its digits too, indicating that the speed cannot be set correctly and the readout cannot be trusted.

New parts were unavailable for ages – until now;
Made from stainless steel, this brand new high quality product will provide a lasting solution to the tachodisc problem.
Not only will it solve the problem of the delaminating photographic tachodiscs, it will also improve the decks speed deviation specs since this new part is far more precise and has far less jitter.

This is a direct replacement for the original part, that was only available as part# 2726123 (Hub with Tacho washer).
You will only replace the disc.
You will reuse the hub spindle, locking ring etc.

Instructions can be downloaded in pdf-format using link(s) provided in the order confirmation email.
Basic mechanical knowledge and tools are required to perform the operation.

This is a new exact reproduction part.


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