Tonearm suspension pivot rubber set for gyro bearing



Tonearm suspension rubber mount grommets with washers.

Pair of new rubber mounts for the tonearm suspension in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Record player GR 607
Record player GR 608
Record player GR 608VF
Record player GR 608U
Record player GR 609 (all models)
Record player GR 610 (all models)
Record player G 41V
Record player G 41VF
Record player G 42V
Record player G 42VF
Beogram 1000 (All types)
Beogram 1000V (All types)
Beogram 1000VF (All types)
Beogram 1001 (All types)
Beogram 3000 (Acoustical Type 5211 only)
Beogram 3000 (Thorens Type 5210 only)
Beomaster 900RG (Compact, De Luxe) (Does not fit models with Garrard deck)
Beomaster 1200RG (Does not fit models with Garrard deck)

Based on the age of these decks, it’s safe to say, that the original rubber grommets will have hardened by now, become brittle and perhaps they have even started cracking and falling apart.
Carrying the weight of the tonearm and the counterweight, they will also have allowed the carrier pin to
sag down, opening the pin hole, allowing for too much play in the tonearm suspension.

With the new rubber grommets comes two new nylon graphite washers to replace and/or supplement (as needed) the original steel shim washers sitting each side of the tonearm, between the rubber grommets and the tonearm.

Note: The original washers are easily lost because they are very small and their presence may not be apparent to inexperienced repairers.

Manufactured by Beoparts-shop to be direct replacements for the original parts.

This set will also fit the following models from other brands:
SRT (Skandinavisk Radio & Television) Type 605
SRT (Skandinavisk Radio & Television) Type 655
SRT (Skandinavisk Radio & Television) Type 665
HMV (His Masters Voice) Type 605
HMV (His Masters Voice) Type 655
HMV (His Masters Voice) Type 665
and some Triotrack, Labcraft and Acoustical models


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