RIAA Pre-amplifier module kit for Beogram 1000


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Stereo preamplifier (RIAA) module kit for use in most versions of B&O Beogram 1000.

Direct replacement for the original Bang & Olufsen GF3 plug-in preamp module – in some servicemanuals called Type 5302.

The RIAA pre-amplifier adapts the frequency response and increases the output level of the Beogram to suit a LINE-level input (Tape/LINE/AUX) of any amplifier, making it possible to connect the Beogram to systems without a Phono-level input (= many of the modern systems).
If a Beogram without a RIAA is connected to an amplifier without built-in RIAA, the sound signal will be very low and treble-rich (shrill).

This is a high quality module;
The circuit board is through-plated with added solder mask and integrated shielding.
All components are carefully picked and deliberately selected for their individual position to achieve the warm and pleasant sound from the 1960s and early 1970s whilst ensuring reliable functionality and long life.

Note: This module will fit in all Beogram 1000 versions having the module fitted to an internal metal bracket.
(If the socket for the module is accessible through a square hole in the Beograms bottom plate this module will NOT fit your Beogram, and you will instead need our OP-007).

The module comes as a DIY-kit with the circuit board, a component location chart and all components in a zipper bag, ready to solder.
Basic electronic skills and tools (component recognition and soldering) required.

The photo is for illustration only and does not show all components in the kit.

Need a small amount of solder? – Beoparts-shop can recommend TS-002.


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