Pad for idler wheel lifter arm Beogram Beocenter



New pad for the speed setting lifter arm in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beogram 1000
Beogram 1000V
Beogram 1000VF
Beogram 1001
Beogram 1200 (Type 5213,5214,5216,5217,5225)
Beogram 1202 (Type 5237,5238)
Beogram 1203 (Type 5239,5243)
Beogram 1500 (Type 5208, 5230)
Beogram 1800 (Type 52xx only)
Beogram 2000 (Type 5240,5244)
Beogram 3000 (Type 5228,5231,5241)

Beocenter 3500 (All types)

Beomaster 900RG (Compact, De Luxe) (Does not fit models with Garrard deck)
Beomaster 1200RG (Does not fit models with Garrard deck)

Note: For some models different motor types were used in production. Check before ordering.

Clean off the remains of the old pad and any old lubricants from the area around the hole in the lifting arm.
Refer to the photos in the part gallery and insert the new pad into the hole at an angle as shown. Push it down into the hole from the pads sides using a flat-bladed screwdriver or similar tool.
Don’t use a pointy or too narrow tool, a 2-3mm wide flat bladed screwdriver is fine.
The goal is to have the pad end up apprx centered down the hole, ideally with 60% sticking out on the upside and 40% below.

Clean the groove and flanges in the idler wheel and add a little lithium grease to the insides of the flanges (where the pad will run).

Note: This is the pad only. Not the metal arm (2854019).


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