Lamp for Beomaster 700 900 1000 dial illumination



Lamp for dial illumination in several Bang & Olufsen models, a.o.

Beomaster 700 (700K)
Beomaster 900
Beomaster 900M
Beomaster 900K
Beomaster 900RG
Beomaster 1000
Beomaster 1200RG
Dirigent 609
Dirigent 610
Grand Prix 510K
Grand Prix 513K (For lower dial only)
Grand Prix 606 (All models)
Grand Prix 607 (Present and Deluxe models)
Grand Prix 608 (Moderne and Present models)
Grand Prix 609 (Moderne and Present models)
Grand Prix 610 (Moderne and Present models)
Master De Luxe 513K
Master De Luxe 608K Present
Master De Luxe 609 (Moderne and Present models)
Mini 609K and Deluxe
Mini 610K and Deluxe

Lamps are sold separately here. The above mentioned models each use two pcs. of this lamp.

This is a direct replacement for original Bang & Olufsen part# 8230001
In older servicemanuals stated as type 8024 or 8024D.


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