Rubber feet for Beomaster 700 900 901 1100 Beocenter 1400 1500 1600 etc.



Set of four new rubber feet for the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beolab 1700

Beomaster 700 (700K)
Beomaster 800
Beomaster 900 M/K (900M, 900K)
Beomaster 901
Beomaster 1100
Beomaster 1400 (Type 26xx)
Beomaster 1400 M/K (1400M, 1400K)
Beomaster 1500
Beomaster 1600 (Type 17xx, versions with screw-mounted feet)
Beomaster 1600 M/K (1600M, 1600K)
Beomaster 1700 (Type 17xx, versions with screw-mounted feet)
Beomaster 1700 (Type 26xx)

Beocenter 1400
Beocenter 1500
Beocenter 1600
Beocenter 1800
Beocenter 2600
Beocenter 2800
Beocenter 3600
Beocenter 4600

Beocord 900
Beocord 901
Beocord 1100
Beocord 1101


The original feet are known to compress, exposing the screws heads with the risk of leaving scratches and other marks on furniture surfaces.

Being manufactured by Beoparts-shop to correct size and shape, these new feet are direct replacements for original part# 0585027

You will replace only the rubber parts. You will reuse the original screws (and washers if present).
Some of the above mentioned Beocenter models will need more than one set of feet.
Also available in neutral color as RP-016.


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Weight 0,015 kg