Grease for dampening function in several Beomaster Beocenter models



Very high viscosity grease for use in dampening functions (slow closing/opening of lids and covers) in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beocenter 5000
Beocenter 7000
Beocenter 7002
Beocenter 7007
Beocenter 7700

Beogram 6002
Beogram 8000
Beogram 8002
Beogram TX

Beomaster 1900
Beomaster 1900-2
Beomaster 2200
Beomaster 2300
Beomaster 2400
Beomaster 2400-2

By opening the dampening element and sealing it again, the grease can also be used in the following models:

Beocord 6000
Beocord 6002
Beocord 8000
Beocord 8002
Beocord 8004
Beocord 9000

Beomaster 6000
Beomaster 8000

Container with 3g. More than enough for one Beocenter/Beocord/Beomaster. For most models only a very small amount is needed.

This grease is a replacement for the original type (Rocol 0868 Kilopoise).


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