Datalink pin for remote control communications DIN cable



Threaded pin for fitting into DIN plugs on cables connecting products supporting datalink (inter-product communication and relay of remote control commands) for several Bang & Olufsen Beocord, Beogram, Beocenter and Beomaster models.

Many original Bang & Olufsen products and 7-pin DIN cables have two pins that can be removed.
The outermost two pins (pins 6 and 7) can be unscrewed using a tiny (watch-makers) flat-bladed screwdriver, allowing the cable to be connected to products without datalink support.
When not used many owners then store the pins in a “safe place” – this is where many pins typically gets lost.

Manufactured by Beoparts-shop this is a direct replacement for the original part.

Note: This is the threaded pin only. Not a plug or cable.
Note: Not all datalink supporting products have removable pins, and not all datalink cables will have removable pins at both ends, though the vast majority will.


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