Friction damper plate for Beocenter 5000 7000 7002 7007 7700



This part is the friction damper plate for the large hinged metal cover over the tapedeck and the secondary control panel.
Sitting in a groove at the underside of the large metal lid, near the right side hinge, the friction plate works together with the damper arm and a large spring to provide the dampened opening of the large metal lid.
The friction damper plate is known to break when the friction grease dries and hardens, and the friction therefore becomes to high, or if the metal lid is closed violently.

This part fits:
Beocenter 5000
Beocenter 7000
Beocenter 7002
Beocenter 7007
Beocenter 7700

This is a new exact reproduction part.
This is a direct replacement for Bang & Olufsen original part number 3011010.


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