Lock Catch for top cover Beocenter 5000 7000 7002 7007 7700



This is the catch for the large hinged metal cover over the cassette tape deck and the secondary control panel in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beocenter 5000
Beocenter 7000
Beocenter 7002
Beocenter 7007
Beocenter 7700

Sitting in a groove at the underside of the front of the large metal lid, this part holds the large metal lid down in the closed and locked position. Released by pressing the “Programming” bar.

This is a new exact reproduction part, cast in polycarbonate for enhanced strength.

Manufactured by Beoparts-shop.

This is a direct replacement for Bang & Olufsen original part number 3034039.

This part is a tight fit.
Slide and press as far into the groove as you can using your fingers. Then carefully knock the part home using a small block of wood or similar non-scratching tool.


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