Capacitor kit Beogram 6006 8000 8002


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Re-cap kit for the following Bang & Olufsen tangential turntable models:

Beogram 6006
Beogram 8000
Beogram 8002

Including apprx 20 essential parts, this kit contains new components for all electrolytic capacitors on the main circuit board, in the processor module and on the subchassis.
The old capacitors degrade over the years taking the Beogram more or more out of spec.
Some people first experience a fault when the general operation becomes sluggish and unstable or the turntable completely refuses to operate.
Replacing the capacitors is an essential step to restore normal operation.

Soldering and basic electronic skills are required to perform the operation.
Detailed component location chart is included.
Note: The photo doesn’t show all components included in the kit.
Component brands and colours may vary but the component quality will at least be matching the original specs and most will be superior.

An amount of high quality solder is needed for this job. Go here to find it.


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