Toothed belt for speed setting indicator Beogram 1102 1500 1600 1902 2402 Beocenter 2800 3300 4600



Toothed belt for the fine speed setting indicator dial in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beocenter 2800
Beocenter 3300
Beocenter 4600
Beogram 1102
Beogram 1500 Type 57xx
Beogram 1600
Beogram 1902
Beogram 2402 Type 5712 only (NOT for models with sloping front!)

This belt sits behind the speed indicator dial, where it moves the white indicator dot, when the fine speed adjustment is operated.
The original belt is very often found to have hardened and broken to pieces.

Manufactured by Beoparts-shop this part is a direct replacement for original part# 2700020

When mounting the belt, make sure the fine speed potentiometer is in center position, then fit the belt so that the white mark is centered in the dial window.


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