Motor suspension rubber bushing grommet f. several Beogram Beocenter models



Set of 3 pcs. new rubber bushings for the motor mounts in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beocenter 2000
Beocenter 2002
Beocenter 2800
Beocenter 3300
Beocenter 4600
Beocenter 5000
Beocenter 7000
Beocenter 7002
Beocenter 7007
Beocenter 7700

Beogram 1102
Beogram 1500 (Type 57xx)
Beogram 1600
Beogram 1602
Beogram 1700
Beogram 1902
Beogram 2200
Beogram 2202
Beogram 2400
Beogram 2402
Beogram 2404
Beogram 3404
Beogram 6000 (type 57xx)
Beogram 6002
Beogram TX

The original turntable motor mounts are known to dry out, harden and even crumble and completely fall apart.
Hardened motor mounts will allow vibrations from the running motor to transfer to the decks chassis, on to the platter and the record, before finally being audible from the speakers as an annoying “humming” or deep “whirring” sound.
The rubber bushings are also often found deformed from age, allowing the motor to sag down and sit lower and lower or even at an angle.
In severe cases the platter belt will end up rubbing on the motors mounting bracket, the decks chassis or something else, resulting in audible wow and excess belt wear.
It can also cause the belt to creep up the motor pulley, run on the flange of the pulley or fall off entirely.
In some models the motor can end up sitting so low in it holders, that the motor pulley starts scraping on the metal motor mounting bracket, causing an annoying scraping, fast knocking or even screeching metallic noise from the deck itself, often leading to the (wrong) assumption that the motor is defective.
Replacing the motor suspension bushings will solve and correct all these cases (less the rare cases where the motor actually IS bad) and should be done as part of every complete restoration job.

It’s safe to say, that all of the old black motor mounts are due for replacement by now.
The later white motor mounts found in a few of the newest products may – or may not – still be OK – check!

The new bushings are produced by Beoparts-shop to be direct replacements for original Bang & Olufsen part# 2938137 (later 2938237).

Note: You will only replace the rubber parts.
You will reuse the original motor(s), screws, washers and cylindrical metal inserts (distancers or “spacers”), brackets, holders etc.


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