Sound upgrade / capacitor refresh kit for Beocenter 8500 / 9000 preamplifier module


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Refresh/upgrade kit for the preamplifier module 9 in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beocenter 8500
Beocenter 9000

This kit contains factory fresh high quality components to refresh and upgrade the sound reproduction of the preamplifier module.
The preamplifier module handles all signal selection and processing, volume and tonecontrols.
WIMA foil capacitors will replace the original general purpose electrolytic capacitors in selected positions in the signal paths, and new operational amplifiers (OpAmps) based on Burr-Brown technology replaces the original OpAmp components.
The new OpAmps have far better specs, particularly with regards to signal/noise ratio.

This kit is for the sandwiched preamplifier modules 53 & 54.

Basic electronic knowledge, tools and skills is required to replace the components in the kit.

A small amount of high quality solder is needed for this job. Go here to find it.


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