Speaker relay for Beomaster 5000 5500 6500 7000 & Beocenter 8500 9000



Relay for the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beocenter 8500
Beocenter 9000
Beomaster 5000 (Type 23xx)
Beomaster 5500
Beomaster 6500
Beomaster 7000

In Beocenter 8500 and Beocenter 9000 this relay is used for speaker set 1 muting.

In each of the above mentioned Beomaster models (5000,5500,6500,7000), two of these relays are used for speaker set 1 muting and for amplifier power respectively.

Sold separately.

A bad relay typically causes one or two weak or silent channels for speaker set 1, often (but not always) “breaking through” at higher volume settings.

This is a direct replacement for original Bang & Olufsen part# 7600046


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