Motor suspension rubber bushing grommet for Beogram CD5500 CD6500 CD7000


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Set of 4 pcs. new rubber bushings for the tray loading motor mounts in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beogram CD5500
Beogram CD6500
Beogram CD7000

The original motor mounts are known to dry out, harden and even crumble and completely fall apart.
Hardened motor mounts will allow vibrations from the running motor to transfer to the decks chassis, making it audible to nearby standers as an annoying whirring noise when the disc loading tray moves in and out.

It’s safe to say, that all of the old black motor mounts are due for replacement by now.
The later white motor mounts found in a few of the newest products may – or may not – still be OK – check!

The new bushings are produced by Beoparts-shop to be direct replacements for original Bang & Olufsen part# 2938137 (later 2938237).

Note: You will only replace the rubber parts.
You will reuse the original motors, screws, washers and cylindrical metal inserts (distancers or “spacers”), brackets, holders etc.


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