Disc drive suspension rubber repair kit for Beogram CD5500 CD6500 CD7000


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New drive suspension parts for the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beogram CD5500
Beogram CD6500
Beogram CD7000

In Beogram CD 5500, CD 6500 and CD 7000 the laser disc drive is supported by four rubber parts.
The drive suspension parts are known to crack and break with age, leaving the player more or less useless.

A typical symptom of bad suspension parts is when the disc begins to scrape on the tray (disc drawer) when rotating.
When you open and inspect the deck you will find the rubber parts have cracked and the disc drive will have sagged down.
In severe cases the drive can be found standing directly metal on metal, practically rattling around ,with no suspension at all.

This repair kit contains a set of new suspension parts and special mounting hardware (screws/nuts) needed to fit them.
Basic electronic skills and tools are required to replace the parts.

The kit contains what you can see in the photo.

These are direct replacements for original part numbers 3313015, 3313016.


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