Electronic Service Kit Beogram CD5500 CD6500 CD7000


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General service kit for the electronics in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beogram CD5500
Beogram CD6500
Beogram CD7000

Taking care of the vast majority of electronic components prone to failure due to aging, this kit includes
new components for all electrolytic capacitors for the main circuit board and servo board, plus a slight upgrade
to the signal path using tantalum capacitors.

This kit contains factory fresh high-quality components (Panasonic/Nichicon etc.).
Every component in the kit has been carefully selected for its specific position in the circuit to
ensure reliability and long component life while preserving the correct warm sound.

Comes with detailed component location charts (photos of boards with clear markings etc.)
Basic electronic knowledge, skills, tools and instruments are required to replace the components in this kit.

Note: This kit covers all known revisions of main board part# 8005188 (H,L etc.).
It may suit other revisions and versions with minor adaption.

Note: This kit includes the CK-003 servo board kit, which means it also contains the correct brand and type of capacitor for the trouble-some C2103 and you don’t have to buy an additional CK-003 kit.

Note: It is generally adviceable NOT to touch any adjustments on the laser drive module and the servo board.
Usually, fresh capacitors will cure any and all servo-related problems, and the adjustments will usually never need touching.
It would require specialist tools and instruments to get alignment of servo and disc drive right again if misaligned.

Note: The photo is merely for illustration. It may not show the exact kit.

An amount of high quality solder is needed for this job. Go here to find it.


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