Clutch bearing arm Beocord 6000 6002 8000 8002 8004 9000 Beocenter 5000 7000 7002 7007 7700



New clutch bearing arm for the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beocord 6000
Beocord 6002 HX-PRO
Beocord 8000
Beocord 8002
Beocord 8004 HX-PRO
Beocord 9000
Beocenter 5000
Beocenter 7000
Beocenter 7002
Beocenter 7007
Beocenter 7700

The original part is known to crack and break around the idler wheel spindle bearings.
The new part has been reinforced in the affected areas to prevent future problems.
Only the plastic part and the screw for the metal actuator arm is replaced.
The original idler wheel, spindle, bearings, thrust washers and the metal actuator arm are all reused.

This is a direct replacement for the original clutch arm.
This part was not available as a discrete part before, only as part of B&O assy part# 2724059.

Produced by Beoparts-shop.

Notes about replacing the part:
While keeping an eye on the small black thrust-washers, one at each end of the spindle – near each bearing – pull the black idler wheel off the spindle and pull the spindle out of the bearings.
The new arm comes with a new screw to replace the original screw for the metal actuator arm. Don’t use the original screw again.
The bearings are easiest pressed (or knocked) out using a long thin tool inserted through the other end. Most original bearings can be pressed out by hand using only limited force, particularly if the original plastic arm has cracked.
The bearings are transferred to the new arm and pressed in or forced in using a small hammer; Place the bearing on a piece of plain scrap wood or similar surface, hold the new plastic arm centered on top of the bearing and use a small hammer to force the plastic arm down over the bearing. Make sure the bearing goes in completely square. Stop and reverse if it goes in wrongly.
Don’t hammer on the bearing. It distorts easily.


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