Beogram 4000 Set of power supply filter and motor phase capacitors


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Set of electrolytic capacitors for the power supply filtering and motor phase circuits in Beogram 4000.

This set contains new replacements as follows:

– The two large 3000uF (occasionally 4000uF) 50V filter capacitors and the 2000uF (occasionally 3000uF) 25V capacitor for the motor circuit are all replaced by new 4000uF 50V electrolytic capacitors with correct solder lug terminals, custom produced to correct diameter to fit in the holder.

– The 150uF 10V (occasionally 16V or 25V) bipolar electrolytic capacitor in the motor phase circuit is replaced by a new 150uF bipolar type with correct solder lugs, custom produced to correct diameter to fit in the holder.

– The two 2000uF 25V axial capacitors in the low voltage regulator circuit are both replaced by new 2200uF 40V axial leaded capacitors to fit under the original holding brackets by using the included felt pads.

Custom manufactured by Beoparts-shop, these are direct replacements for the original parts.

For suggested mounting see gallery photos. Note the introduction of felt pads (included) for the two axial capacitors.
No modifications needed to any brackets or holders.

Note: The fact that the transformers used in this model are known to be quite delicate components was taken into consideration, so to keep rush-in currents down, of course, none of the filter/reservoir capacitors in this kit are low-ESR types.

Note: An amount of high quality solder is needed for this job. Go here to find it.


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