Window for sliding volume and tuning pointer Beomaster 901


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Sliding pointer window (“dial lens”) for Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 901

This is the clear window with orange cursor line for the sliderule-type Volume and FM tuning controls.

The original part is known to fall off and go missing or, if still present, turn yellow and develop swirling or fog.

This is a new exact reproduction part.
Manufactured by Beoparts-shop.

This is a direct replacement for the original part.
This part was never discretely available from Bang & Olufsen, it was only available as part of assy 2775236 (volume knob) and assy 2775237 (tuning knob) but here available as the window part only.

Sold separately.

Note: Some service manuals state that this part will also fit Beocenter 1400 and Beocenter 1500. This is incorrect.
For Beocenter 1400 and 1500 you will need PP-038 (click to go).


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