Reed element for Beogram CDX


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New reed switch element for use in Bang & Olufsen Beogram CDX

In Beogram CD X, magnetically activated reed relays are used for signal muting and preemphasis functions.
A typical symptom of a bad reed element is loss of sound in one channel. This happens when the contacts inside the reed element (rarely) goes bad from wear and use and/or (more often) if the glass envelope is no longer sealed airtight, exposing contacts to airs moisture causing them to oxidize.

Originally the relays (carrying two reed elements) were available only as a complete assembly as part# 7600086 (component designators 1507 & 1510).
The complete assembly is no longer available, and it’s no longer necessary to replace the whole assembly.
Replacing affected elements separately is possible with this part.

Note: A total of four elements are used in Beogram CDX. Replacing only bad element(s) is perfectly acceptable.

Note: The original element can bind in the coil former and may break from the stress of the forces needed to remove it.
The new element is slightly smaller physically than the original part to allow for easy fitting of the new element inside the coil former without stressing its glass envelope and without desoldering the complete assembly.

Note: Work carefully around the thin wires to the coils.
The coil wires are thin as hairs (and are occasionally mistaken for being exactly that) and they are more exposed in some versions than others.


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