Beogram CDX CDX2 CD3300 gear pulley for top cover lid motor


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Geared pulley for the top cover lid opening mechanism in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beogram CDX (CD X)
Beogram CDX2
Beogram CD3300

The original part is known to break apart and lose its teeth, causing the motorized lid opening to malfunction.

This part was made the original way by injection molding and manufactured from a very strong material.
It is a direct replacement for original part# 2722037.
No modification, adapting, filing or cutting needed.

This is the real thing.
This is NOT a 3D-printed part.
3D-printed parts have been seen to break easily and wear down belts in no time because of their coarse surfaces.

Beoparts-shop recommends cleaning the gears spindle off any remains of the original lubricant and adding a little long-term grease to the spindle when fitting the gear. Exactly as it was done originally.


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