Pinch rollers (pair) for Drive version 1



Pair of new pinch rollers (pressure rollers).

Two different drive versions were used in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beocenter 8000
Beocenter 8500
Beocenter 9000
Beocenter 9300
Beocenter 9500

Beocord 3500
Beocord 4500
Beocord 5500
Beocord 6500
Beocord 7000

Important note: This set contains two pinch rollers for the mechanical autoreverse tape drive “Version 1”.
Check out the second photo to determine the actual drive version in your Beocord/Beocenter.

Bad pinch rollers typically causes wow and flutter, and in severe cases no tape transport at all.

Contains two rollers (one pair).


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