Lamp for fine speed dial & carriage motion opto sensor (!) Beogram 4002 4004 6000 Tangential



New lamp for illuminating the fine speed setting dials in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beogram 4002
Beogram 4004
Beogram 6000 (tangential models only)

Lamps are sold separately.
One lamp is used for each of the two dials.

This is a direct replacement for original Bang & Olufsen part# 8230052.

Note (!): In some Beograms, this lamp is also used for the optical carriage motion sensor, where it sits inside a black box at the base of the carriage.
Some Beograms have a soldered type lamp, others a socketed type lamp for the carriage motion sensor system.

If your lamp is a soldered type, this is the correct type.
If your lamp is a push-in socketed type, you will need EP-089.


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