Belt for carriage servo motor Beogram 4002 4004 6000 (& some 4000 – click and read!) Tangential



Correct triangular / wedge-shaped belt for the tracking servo motor in some versions of the following Bang & Olufsen Beogram tangential record decks:

Beogram 4000 – if fitted with MP-011 pulley, this belt will fit in most versions.
Beogram 4002
Beogram 4004
Beogram 6000 Types 55xx only (Tangential)

The original belt is wedge-shaped (triangular cross-section) for the simple reason that it requires less torque to run around the small diameter pulley on the servo motor than a similar square or round belt. No square or round (cross-section) belt will run as the original part.
Easy running is essential in allowing the tonearm carriage a nice and smooth travel and avoid any jerking motions during playback.

This belt is exactly like the original; Correct shape, correct size, correct friction, correct elasticity, correct density.
This belt is a direct replacement for original Bang & Olufsen part# 2732032

Note: Not all Beograms use this type of belt. If your Beogram is of an early model, typically (but not necessarily) recognized by a holder for an opto reader above the pulley for the threaded shaft, this belt may not fit.

Note: A belts elasticity and friction is always very important, but even more so is the choosing of rubber material with the correct density for this belt.
And when it comes to material, this belt is not like most other belts. In order to function as intended and achieve correct properties regarding friction parameters, to prevent the transferring of vibrations etc., it was custom produced to unique specifications.
As a result, it has a very limited elasticity.
Please avoid excess stretching of this belt when fitting it. Don’t pull and flex it like you would an elastic band.

Note: This belt has been revised july 2024 because it was found that the previous belt was a bit too sensitive to correct handling when fitting, resulting in limited functional lifespan.
The rubber composition was changed slightly to make it more like a “normal” belt.
Customers experiencing problems with our previous belt are encouraged to contact us.


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