Lamp for BeoCenter BeoSound 2300 2500 3000 3200 4000 Ouverture panel



New lamp for front panel illumination in the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beocenter 2300
Beocenter 2300 DAB
Beocenter 2500
Beosound Ouverture
BeoSound 2500
Beosound 3000
Beosound 4000
Beosystem 2500
MPAV9000 Master Panel AV9000

Depending on model, either two lamps or four lamps are used.
The new lamp has been manufactured to the original specifications making it possible to replace only defective lamps.

Sold separately.

Note: The original lamp (part# 8230100) was supplied on a tiny PCB board for mounting into the reflector housing.
The new lamp is a lamp only (yellow arrow points to it in the photo, where also an original lamp and reflector housing is seen).
The new lamp replaces the original lamp only.
You will reuse the original small board, reflector housing etc.
A little soldering is required.


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