CDM12.4 Laser module Beocenter 2300 2500 Beosound 2500 3000 4000 Ouverture a.o.



New laser module for the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beocenter 2300
Beocenter 2300 DAB
Beocenter 2500
Beosound Ouverture
BeoSound 2500
Beosound 3000
Beosound 4000
Beosystem 2500

Note: Only suitable for models with lasers travelling in a straight line.
Note: This part does not fit models with lasers travelling in a curved path.
Note: Will not be suitable for use with VAU1255/CDPRO2 drives found in some BeoSound models (laser units with F8 <> 2 printed on the cable and a metal shield over the circuitboard) – check before ordering.

Note: When mounting the connector in certain PCB socket types it may be necessary to cut a tiny bit off the width of the cable to make it go into the socket. Don’t remove a lot, – only half a milimeter or so, and of course never into the visible leads in the cable.
Make sure to align the shiny contacts on the cable with the solder tags of the socket when locking the cable into the socket.
Any misalignment here can lead to lack of contact and malfunction.


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