Capacitor kit Beomaster 1900 1900-2 2300 2400 2400-2


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This kit is out of stock and will no longer be produced.
Instead a new, reworked and even better kit is now available.
The new service kit covers more, has better quality capacitors for selected positions and also includes adjustment trimmers.
Please click here to go to the new service kit (SK-040).



(Old kits description:)

Capacitor kit, containing new components for all board-mounted electrolytic capacitors for the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beomaster 1900
Beomaster 1900-2
Beomaster 2300
Beomaster 2400
Beomaster 2400-2

It’s safe to say that all Beomasters from the 1970s will benefit from having their old and degraded capacitors replaced.
Typical symptoms of aging capacitors are humming, sluggish operation, distorted, muffled, fading or creeping/delayed channels, source switching problems or complete lack of operation.
This refresh kit has been put together using quality components, selected to provide and restore sound reproduction as close to the original as possible.

Kit contains apprx 70 components.
Soldering and basic electronic skills are required.

An amount of high quality solder is needed for this job. Go here to find it.


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