Lamp kit Beomaster 1900 1900-2 2300 2400 2400-2



Operation panel lamp kit for the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beomaster 1900
Beomaster 1900-2
Beomaster 2300
Beomaster 2400
Beomaster 2400-2

Complete set of correct lamps for the front panel. A total of 15 lamps (plus a spare) of correct type and wattage.
To achieve equal illumination and lamp life it is adviceable to replace all lamps in one go.

In these Beomaster models the lamps are not merely used for indicating purposes, – they are in each their way integrated parts of the electronic circuits;
The two volume lamps vary in brightness as they form part of the electronic volume control. Any unbalance from a bad/wrong lamp (or a LED) can cause unstability in the volume control, typically seeing it running astray in either direction or just sitting blocked and unresponsive.
The three lamps illuminating the balance and tone control indicators double as bleed-down loads for the standby-circuit to activate properly. With wrong (or burned) lamps or LEDs it can be difficult to bring the Beomaster into standby. It will often jump back on again.
The sound source indicators assist to perform a brief muting of the sound while switching sound source – to avoid a loud bang sound.
The two tuning discriminator lamps form part of the AGC circuitry with their varying brightness, tuning close to – and around – FM stations, the discriminator circuit depends greatly on the lamps varying flow of current (light output) to function correctly.

These are not LEDs, they are the real thing.

Detailed instructions, english text and photos explaining disassembly and re-assembly of the Beomaster can be downloaded in pdf-format using link(s) provided in the order confirmation email.
Soldering and basic electronic skills are required to replace the lamps.

This kit contains lamps that are exact direct replacements for original Bang & Olufsen part# 8230046

Note: Some servicemanuals erroneously state the lamps wattage as 12V 30mA. This is NOT correct.
This kit contains lamps of the CORRECT type and wattage.


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