Beolab Penta Filter capacitors for amplifier power supply


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Set of four new electrolytic capacitors for the power supply filtering (& reservoir) in Bang & Olufsen Beolab Penta (all versions mkI, mkII, mkIII).

All electrolytic capacitors have a limited life-span, and even if the vast majority of the original components fitted in these amplifiers by Bang & Olufsen proved to be of a very high quality, providing surprisingly good performance for decades, they are all now many years old, and if not already replaced it’s safe to say that all Beolab Penta amplifiers would benefit from having their filter capacitors replaced by now.

This kit contains four factory new capacitors in superb quality to replace the old and dried out components (component designators 6C1, 6C2).

Custom manufactured exclusively for these are slit-foil type electrolytic capacitors of the correct diameter with correct solder lugs. In other words, these are direct replacements.

Slit-foil electrolytics is the absolute best choice for hardworking areas like power supplies in HiFi products where every detail counts in every part of the product.

The slit-foil construction eliminates the eddy currents forming on the foil surfaces of conventional capacitors.
This means less loss and better response.
It also means, that these capacitors are not just replacements. They are in fact improvements.

One kit contains four capacitors. Enough for a pair of Beolab Penta amplifiers.

These are direct replacements for original Bang & Olufsen part# 4200653

Note: For polarity reference please refer to the photos in the gallery.


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