Beolab Penta Amplifier capacitor and service kit


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General capacitor and service kit for Bang & Olufsen Beolab Penta Amplifier.

If your amplifier runs hot (gets warm on the base for no apparent reason) or sounds “sluggish” and tired, this
kit is what you need.

This kit includes new components for all board mounted electrolytic capacitors and new trimmers for idle current and DC offset adjustment settings.
It also contains an upgrade to the signal path in the form of new Burr-Brown operational amplifiers (ICs)
with considerably better signal/noise ratio and WIMA MKS-2 foil capacitors in selected positions within the signal path, all to improve the general performance and sound reproduction of the amplifier.

This kit has been put together to cover all versions of Penta amplifiers.
The kit covers the amplifier sections only, and for Beolab Penta Mk II (Type 662x) and Mk III (Type 663x), the kit also contains new capacitors for the display modules.
Kits for the speaker crossover sections are available separately as either CK-004 or CK-087 depending on version, and the high voltage filter capacitors should also be purchased separately if needed, found here as CK-082.

The kit contains quality components, and all components are of course new and factory fresh.

Component location charts can be downloaded in pdf-format using link(s) provided in the order confirmation email.
Soldering, a multimeter and basic electronic skills and tools are required to perform the operation.

One kit covers a pair of amplifiers.

Note: The photo is merely for illustration, it does not necessarily show all components and all documentation included in the actual kit.

An amount of high quality solder is needed for this job. Go here to find it.


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