Set of Damping Foam and Cabinet sealing for Pair of Beolab 6000


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Set of internal sound dampening foam inserts and cabinet sealing for a pair of Bang & Olufsen Beolab 6000 active speakers.

These foam pieces are specifically designed to replace the original black foam pieces that are known to disintegrate and dissolve.
Because breakdown of the original foam happens due to airs moisture, the original foam will have deteriorated by now regardless of use.

Cabinets are sealed along the edges where the amplifier and speaker element assemblies are fitted in order to make it airtight.
The original sealing will also have deteriorated by now.
This kit also includes new cabinet sealing.

This set is a direct replacement for original part# 3332008 (Damping material).
Actually, because it also includes cabinet sealing, it covers more than the original set.

Manufactured by Beoparts-shop.

One set covers a pair of speakers.


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