Lamp kit Beomaster 4400


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Complete set of correct incandescent lamps for the front panel. A total of 5 lamps of correct type and wattage to cover the ON, Overload, Signal-meter illumination and tuning indicators.
To achieve equal illumination and lamp life it is adviceable to replace all lamps in one go.

Beomaster 4400 was contructed for using lamps; The two tuning discriminator lamps form part of the AFC circuitry with their varying brightness, tuning close to – and around – FM stations. The discriminator circuit depends greatly on the lamps varying flow of current (light output) to function correctly.
Any unbalance from a bad/wrong lamp (or a LED) can cause unstability or even complete failure of the FM tuning circuits, often resulting in no reception at all.

These are not LEDs. This is the real thing.
Basic electronic skills are required to replace the lamps.

This kit contains lamps that are exact direct replacements for original Bang & Olufsen part numbers 8230025, 8230064


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