Electronic service kit Beogram 1800 2000 5000 RX-2 Type 58xx



Electronic service kit for the following Bang & Olufsen models:

Beogram 1800 (Type 58xx)
Beogram 2000 (Type 58xx)
Beogram 5000
Beogram RX2

This convenient kit covers the power supply and main control circuit board, containing new components for all:
– Electrolytic capacitors
– Speed setting trimmers
– Fuse and fuse holders (european versions only)

Detailed component location chart (photos of boards with clear markings) can be downloaded in pdf-format using link(s) provided in the order confirmation email.
Basic electronic skills and tools (component recognition and soldering) required.

A small amount of high quality solder is needed for this job. Go here to find it.


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