Capacitor kit Beovox 5000 Type 6206 From Series 4



Capacitor kit for the crossover filters in Bang & Olufsen Beovox 5000 Type 6206 from build series 4 – up.

This kit contains new, factory fresh high quality components for the electrolytic capacitors in the crossover filters.
The capacitors contained in this kit were chosen specifically to provide a sound reproduction as close to that of the original speakers as possible.
The capacitors are correct types and specs, and all are 100V / 105degC types for long lifespan and good performance, even under heavy loads.
The kit comes with a detailed component location chart (photo of filter board with clear markings).
One kit covers a pair of speakers.

(The photo doesn’t necessarily show the filter from the actual model or the actual components in the kit).


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Weight 0.06 kg