BeoSound Century, 2000 IR remote control PCB Service kit


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Service/repair kit for BeoSound Century and BeoSound 2000 IR remote control PCB.

When the BeoSound show no response to remote control commands, and the option setting (SOUND-1-STORE on f.e. a Beolink 1000 remote control) has been set correctly, the problem is most likely with the remote receiver circuit inside the BeoSound.
In this circuit are capacitors that age and wear out, causing malfunction.
This kit contains new capacitors to replace the fault-prone components.

Basic electronic tools and skills (component and polarity recognition, desoldering of small (SMD) components) is required to replace the components.
To ease the fitting of the new components, they are deliberately chosen not to be SMD. Instead leaded tantalum drop-type capacitors are used. They can have their leads bent and shorted to suit soldering directly on to the original board pads.

Note: BeoSound Century was produced with two different circuit boards for the remote control receiver.
This kit fits the version shown in the second photo only.


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