Beomaster 6000 (4-ch) Power supply filter and output series capacitors set


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Set of power supply filter and speaker output series capacitors for Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 6000 4-channel (Type 2702).

Set of new high quality capacitors to replace the two original power supply filtering capacitors and the four speaker output series capacitors.

Custom manufactured exclusively for the output stage series capacitors and the large power supply filtering capacitor are slit-foil type electrolytic capacitors of the correct specs and diameter with the correct solder lug type. For the standby power supply filtering a high quality Vishay type is used.
All direct replacements that will fit in the original holding brackets.

Slit-foil electrolytics is the absolute best choice for hardworking areas like power supplies in HiFi products where every detail counts in every part of the product.
The slit-foil construction eliminates the eddy currents forming on the foil surfaces of conventional capacitors.
This means less loss and better response.
It also means, that these capacitors are not just replacements, – they are in fact improved direct replacements for the original parts.


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