Electrolytic capacitors 5 pcs. 2200uF 40V Axial


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General purpose electrolytic capacitors

Capacitance: 2200uF
Max working voltage: 40V
Diameter: 18mm
Lenght: 30mm
Brand: WOPO
RoHs compliant
Amount: 5 pcs

Aimed at the electronics DIY-hobbyist as well as professionel restorers, we now offer a growing selection of
axial and radial electrolytic capacitors in great quality comparable to major “brand”-names.
Custom produced by one of the worlds largest component manufacturers, all WOPO capacitors are 105 DegC general purpose
types and absolutely safe and suitable for use in vintage stereos and most other electronic entertainment products.
WOPO capacitors will gradually replace capacitors from other brands in our kits, and they are now also available as
discrete parts in convenient and economical amounts for our customers other projects.


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